Friday, July 11, 2008

fair (dinkum) isle fisherman's hat (for JB)

This is a traditional Fair Isle fisherman's hat. It is handspun from NZ and Australian wool and dyed with natural dyes.
The yellow is from Coreopsis flowers. The purple is from the New Zealand lichen, Sticta Coronata and the red is Madder root. It's the first Fair isle I've knitted from mainly NZ wools. I knitted this as a trade with a friend because I decided a long time ago that to sell this kind of thing just makes you feel bad. That's because you're lucky if you can ask a dollar an hour for your time and people still think they're being overcharged. So it just makes for resentment all round. Never again, or at least not until the days of the $10,000 jumper arrive.

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